Adult Martial Arts Classes, Scotland

At Sansum Black Belt Academy of Scottish World Champions, we use a high-powered blend of Karate, Kick Boxing, Boxing and Strike Force Self Defence to give you the MOST INCREDIBLE, purpose filled total body workout.

Here is what our students are achieving…

  • Greater flexibility/range of motion from head to toe
  • Lean, well toned muscles and wash board abs
  • Rapid weight loss and increased cardiovascular endurance
  • Heightened awareness and confidence to avoid or deal with danger
  • Plus, an energy level that makes you feel unstoppable!

Get ready for the rapid-fire punches, jabs, kicks that chew through calories and whip you into top “Ring Ready” shape, fast!

Best of all, our dynamic classes and achievement oriented ranking system is designed to make sure you’ll stick to your goals and achieve real results.

Plus, it will boost your awareness and give you the confidence to defend yourself.

See why Sansum Martial Arts and Fitness training is rapidly becoming the #1 Health & Fitness choice for people of all ages.

Contact us today to set up a FREE private lesson, meet our instructors and take a tour of our facilities. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!


Adult Martial Arts Classes, Scotland