Why Parents And Children Should Join A Martial Arts Class Together in the North of Scotland

This article lists some of the many reasons why families should join a martial arts class together.

Which Class Should I Join

Sansum Black Belt Academy provide classes for all ages from as young as three to our over 30,s classes. We have Kick Boxing Classes throughout Morayshire, Aberdeenshire and the HighlandsThe important thing is to find a class that will enable both you and your children to have fun while getting in shape and learning some important life lessons.

Why Should I Put My Kids In A Class

There are many things that your child will learn in a martial arts class. The first being discipline they will have to take turns and help each other. A good instructor will gain the respect of the children in their classes. The instructor will be the kind of role model you are comfortable having your children look up too.

Your child will get in good physical condition. Obesity in children can cause poor self esteem as well as many health issues. The child will also gain hand eye coordination as well as balance and flexibility, Kick Boxing is a great fun activity too.

Why Should I Join

You will also get in better physical condition and you will get all the same benefits as your kids. The extra bonus of being in a class with your children is the chance you will get to practice with your child at home.

Throwing around a ball is quality time and so is practicing your martial arts together. You will have the ability to create a stronger emotional bond with your child at the same time you and your child will get some great memories.

How Do I Pick out A Class To Join

Take your time to sit in on several classes before you pick out one. SBBA will allow you to participate in a few classes before you make a financial commitment to them, we teach martial Arts in Stonehaven, Huntly, Buckie, Keith, Elgin East and Elgin West, Grantown, Forres, Aviemore, Nairn and Invernesss .

You and your child can discuss which class you would like to join. This can become a great family activity.

My Kids Will Get Injured

There are no guarantees that your child will not be accidentally injured.  There are no guarantees in rugby, football or any other sport either.  I do know that improving strength and flexibility will lessen the chance of injury in the future.  Martial Arts can be a great foundation for any other sport that your child may want to pursue in the future.

Will My Child Become Violent

You will find just the opposite. Martial Arts will teach your child to control the urge to strike another person. Even an unruly child will benefit from the rigors of our well disciplined Kickboxing classes. There are plenty of punching bags and kicking shields to exercise their aggression, we also teach an ward winning anti Bullying programme which teaches your child to beat the Bully the smart way with out fighting.


Is Martial Arts Class Just For Boys

Boys and girls will both benefit from participating in Kick Boxing classes. Girls will realise that they can do anything the boys can do, sometimes they will do it even better.  The confidence that martial arts instils in children will carry over to their adult lives as well.

How Will It Benefit My Child If I Join Too

You will lead by example. Your child will see that you need practice to perform some of the class activities. They will realise that just because they cannot do something today does not mean that they are a failure. They will see that with practice they can do anything they want to do.

You will also be able to practice these things together which will give you more then you can realise. The time you and your child spend practicing will become some of the best memories from their youth.

Good Luck

If you are looking for a fun family activity then please consider joining a SBBA martial arts class with your family. Not only will your child benefit from these activities but you will also gain valuable physical and mental training.

Martial Arts will teach both moral and mental lessons that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Enjoy yourselves and enjoy your family as you take part in a great family activity.

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