Top 3 Ways Kickboxing Burns Belly Fat

As well as stress release, heart health, flexibility, strength, endurance and it being great fun, kickboxing also offers an amazing alternative to pounding the streets or doing bicep curls in the mirror for 2 hours. Check them out!

Top 3 Ways Kickboxing Burns Belly Fat

1. All over body workout

Kickboxing offers it’s participants a great form of exercise that allows the upper body and lower body – along with the CV system – a great workout, burning a fantastic amount of calories. Whether you’re punching, kicking, jogging, squatting, press up’ing (is that a word?) or whacking the bags and pads, your body will get a complete head to toe workout!

2. Dynamic and fun classes

Longevity is a key aspect when exercising. We have a lot of members who did numerous activities to lose weight (like jogging or heading to a weights gym), but found it got boring quite quickly. In a kickboxing class, there is so much to challenge you, so much to learn, and with the right coach, you’ll always be desperate to get back into class!

3. Goal setting, limit pushing and life style changesboxing

In the sport of kickboxing there are numerous ways in which you can challenge yourself. Whether you want to earn your belt ranks or compete in a kickboxing event, in order to complete these challenges you will need to push through boundaries to reach new levels of fitness. So many people who take up kickboxing have told us that, to help them reach their new goals, they quit smoking, give up the beer, begin to eat healthy, and even start exercising outside of classes – kickboxing acts as the main catalyst!

There are other great ways in which kickboxing classes can help you lose fat and get healthy. You just need to find a great centre, with friendly coaches and a buzzing timetable of classes… oh, guess where you can find that?