Why Martial Arts is Good For Children

There are plenty of reasons why children should get involved in martial arts at the Sansum Kickboxing Academy – here are our top 7!
Why Martial Arts is Good For Children

1. They will get exercise

Unfortunately, in today’s society with obesity creeping up and up, children just aren’t getting enough

exercise. Too much TV and video games and the unpredictability of playing outside are all key factors in children spending too much time sat down and not enough time running, jumping and doing what their body is designed to do. Our Martial Arts classes will help get your child fit and healthy.

2. They will learn about goal setting and perseverance

Our martial arts programs are set around an accomplishment system of coloured belts. Starting off at white belt and progressing through the different colours, the children will have to learn to focus, try hard and use perseverance to attain the higher belted ranks.

3. It will boost their confidence

Whether is passing a new colour belt exam, calling out exercises, holding focus pads and interacting with other children, or talking to one of our fantastic coaches, there are plenty of way your child will have their confidence boosted when they begin training.

4. It will help in their self protection

We have had so many parents thanking us for helping their child to develop self defence skills that have kept them safe. As well as non-violent resolutions and conflict avoidance, children will also learn essential self defence moves that can help them when in danger.

5. They will make friends

Learning to socialise, work together, encourage and help other members allows children to grow into confident, understanding and socially forward young people.

6. They will learn about respect

Martial arts isn’t about learning how to act tough – it’s about understanding that to be good at something and to do well in life, you need to learn to treat people, no matter how different, with compassion and friendship. People from all walks of life end up on training on the mats together and we encourage our younger members to offer their respect and friendship to all.

7. You and your child and kick together – and stick together!

Martial arts at the Sansum Academy is a great way to spend some quality time with your child and share a common interest that can help build strong bonds and great relationships.